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What is a Stomach Virus?

  • There are many viruses (the latest is Norovirus) that  can cause what many people call the “stomach flu”.
  • These “tummy germs” can:
    • make you throw up
    • make you sick to your stomach
    • make your tummy hurt
    • take away your energy
    • give you a fever
  • Tests are not needed to tell your doctor you have these germs
  • The best medicine is rest and drinking lots of fluid (Pedialyte for young children and Gatorade for older children)
  • Culturelle a (probiotic) can give you good germs to put in your tummy and help the diarrhea

How to Keep a Stomach Virus Away

  • Wash your hands after going to the bathroom
  • Keep your hands away from your mouth

If you work to keep the germs away you can usually beat the stomach virus germs.

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