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What is Strep?

  • The Strep germ is a bacteria
  • Strep makes you feel bad: it makes your throat sore, your belly hurt or sick,  and sometimes gives you a fever.
  • You get this germ when you eat or drink after someone else or coming into contact with their saliva (spit) on their hands
  • Your doctor can test for this germ by tickling the back of your throat with a special swab that looks like a long Q-Tip
  • Antibiotics help you feel better (pink bubble gum medicine Amoxicillin or a shot of penicillin) after a couple of days.

How to Keep It Away

  • Wash your hands
  • Keep your hands away from your mouth, nose and eyes
  • Don’t share drinks or food with your friends
  • Get your yearly Flu shot after school starts

If you work to keep the germs away you can usually beat the strep germs. Sorry… there is no shot to prevent Strep 🙁

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