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Prescription Refills

Call The Pharmacy

It is best to call your pharmacy to request refills. Your pharmacist will then submit your refill request to us either electronically or by fax.

Call Our Nurse Voicemail

Available 24/7
Call 859-647-6700, then press 3 to leave a message with the following information…

  • Your child’s full name and birth date
  • Your pharmacy name, its location, phone and fax numbers
  • The prescription medicine name, strength, and dose
  • The telephone number we can reach you if we have a problem with your request.

ADHD Prescriptions –  These prescriptions must be picked up in our office and must be hand-written by our physicians. The prescription will be available in our office within 3-4 business days. Please do not wait until your child’s medicine bottle is empty.

ADHD Prescriptions Picked Up At Our Office

  • These prescriptions must be hand written on secure prescription pads by our doctors
  • Please give 3-4 business days of advice notice before your prescription request.
  • Whoever picks up the prescription must present a photo ID
  • At the time of picking up the prescription, parents are asked to verify that the prescription medication and dosing is correct.
  • Parents will need to have child’s social security number at the time of pharmacy pick up.
  • If parents desire, we will put the child’s social security number on the prescription.

Prescription Policies

  • We will no longer refill prescriptions if your child has not been seen in our office within the past year.
  • Patients with chronic illnesses such as asthma must be seen every 6-12 months
  • Patients who are being treated for mental health disorders must be seen in our office for periodic visits (generally every 3-4 months)

Contact us (859-647-6700) for more information!

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